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Swedish Massage
60 Minutes- $90
90 Minutes - $120
A full-body soothing massage to relieve tension & stress. Includes legs, feet, arms, hands, & scalp.

Pregnancy Massage
60 Minutes $90.00
This massage focuses on the ever changing dynamics of the body as it undergoes its beautiful transformation through ones pregnancy. This Technique on a physical level reduces swelling and tension as well as eliminating aches and pains associated with additional weight gain. On a mental level learning to calm and relax the mind, so that one is prepared for the next step in ones beautiful journey through life.

Clinical Sports Massage
60 Minutes $95.00
This Technique is very versatile, rather you are an athlete or someone in a hard labor industry almost anyone can reap the benefits that come with this service. It reduces swelling and inflammation in the muscles that have built up over time from physically taxing ones body while at the same time improving flexibility, preventing injuries and reducing fatigue.As well as helping to repair old injuries, aches and pains. Most importantly preventing one from new injuries and creating stability in the future to come.

Reiki Massage
60 Minutes: $95.00
Anita's ultimate Zen Massage is incorporated with a little bit of everything leaving one feeling Zen. The Session begins with a wonderful guided meditation to calm the mind,pressure points therapy to release tension from trouble spots.Finally as we move through the session, the Reiki energy is at constant flow, bringing the body and mind in a deeper state of relaxation as well as balancing the electromagnetic field known as ones Aura.

I.G.M. Advanced Therapeutic Acupressure
60 Minutes $90.00
There are thousands of Acupressure points in the body, and this treatment uses Fifty specific therapeutic combinations along the body’s energy channels, called meridians, in a sequential order that opens blocked areas for optimal flow of life force energy (chi). This multi-conceptual modality facilitates the restoration of overall balance, harmony and wellness to the body-mind-spirit. Please wear loose, comfortable clothing for this service.

Hot Stone Massage
75 Minutes $125
Smooth, heated Stones are used to massage muscles & melt the tension away to soothe mind & body.

Foot Reflexology
30 Minutes $45
Acupressure points that not only refresh tired feet, but also target areas of concern in your body.

Add a Salt Scrub of the Feet for an additional $5

Pure Bliss
(60-Minute Swedish + Foot Reflexology)
90 Minutes - $130
This treatment combines a 60-minute Swedish Massage with 30 minutes of Foot Reflexology. The Ultimate Indulgence! Ask us about our Spa Gift Certificates for this fantastic gift idea!

30 Minutes $40
Pleasant & relaxing healing energy session that promotes healing in your body, mind, emotions, and spirit. May be combined with Crystal Chakra Balancing.

Chakra Balancing
40 Minutes $80.00
The Chakra is an Ancient Sanskrit word meaning spinning wheels. These beautiful colorful wheels are what creates an Aura are also known as the Electromagnetic energy field, that emanates all living beings. The Chakras also house's different emotional frequency's in our bodies.The purpose of this Mediation to maintain a healthy, vibrant and strong energy field. The Chakra Meditation consists of tensing and relaxing different parts of the body. Then followed by a guided imagery of the colors ,Mantra or sounds of the Chakras. Finally ending the precious session listening to the Tibetan singing bowl. Leaving one feeling calm, grounded, and at peace. Please wear loose, comfortable clothing for this service.

Optional Massage Add-Ons:

30-minute Scalp Massage $35

Foot Salt Scrub $5