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Lash Lifting Semi-Permanent

Lash Curling

Instantly Adds Gorgeous Curl and Intensity That Lasts for Up to 2 Months!

BEFORE Lash Lifting Service


Client has No Eye Makeup on in This Picture

Looking for Beautifully Curled and Defined Natural Lashes? Want to Get Ready Each Morning and Skip Applying Eye Makeup? This is the Service for You!

What is Lash Lifting?

Our Lash Lifting Service is a revolutionary service that provides semi-permanent curl, definition, and intensity to your natural eyelashes!

How Does It Work?

Via the application of a special curling solution, neutralizing agent, and conditioning oil, the natural lashes are permanently curled and defined (until they shed naturally as normal).

Why is it "Semi-Permanent"?

The Lash Lifting process permanently curls the natural eyelashes. However, our natural lashes shed on a regular basis (just like the hair on our head). Thus, the curled lashes are eventually replaced with new, straighter lashes. This is why it is necessary to repeat the treatment approximately every 2 months.

Will It Harm my Natural Eyelashes?

No! We use a special kit that is designed exclusively for use on the natural lashes. A conditioning oil is applied at the end of the service. Furthermore, you will no longer need to wear mascara or curl your lashes every day, which also benefits the health of the natural lashes.

How Often Do I Have to Get it Done?

Everyone's rate of natural lash shedding varies, however most clients typically find that they need to get the service every 2 months to maintain fantastic curl and definition.

What is the Difference Between Lash Lifting and Lash Extensions?

Lash Lifting curls and defines the natural lashes. It does not involve the application of an extension. It does not give new length or thickness. Therefore, Lash Lifting works best on those that have longer or thicker natural lashes. However, it is also excellent for those that do not wish to have Lash Extensions yet still want curl and definition. Lash Extensions are when one or more extensions are applied to instantly provide length, curl, and volume to the natural lashes.

Our Client Michelle LOVES her Lifted Lashes!

No Makeup Required!

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