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@ Le Spa

Eight Years in the Making.

Your Destination for Non-Invasive, Effective Treatments for the Face and Body.

Equipment and Treatments Custom Designed and Calibrated for Optimal Results.

This is the Pinnacle of Non-Invasive Spa Technology.

This is Beauty Lab @ Le Spa.


The Latest in Technology

We have done hundreds of hours of research to develop and source the most effective, non-invasive technologies that give real results for the Face and Body- no needles, lasers, or scalpels required.

The Science of Skincare

Over 18 years experience in the Skincare Industry. An in-depth understanding of the functions and processes of the Skin. Addressing the root cause of the concern to be treated. Extensive training and protocol development. Eight years of re​search and custom equipment development.

Radiofrequency Skin Lifting & Tightening


Real Results

Efficacy without pain or downtime. Real results that you can see and feel. Lift and tighten the Skin, lose inches in circumference, minimize the appearance of cellulite, sculpt and strengthen the muscles. 

Continuous Innovation

We are constantly researching new technology developments in the Non-Invasive Skincare Industry. Working with our own Manufacturer, we consistently strive to stay on the cutting edge. EMS Body Sculpting is our newest development, that offers absolutely extraordinary technologies to give a dramatic improvement in the appearance of the treatment area.

Our Core Technologies:

Radiofrequency Skin Lifting & Tightening

Hifu Non-Invasive Facelifts

Cavitation Cellulite Reduction

CryoSculpting Permanent Fat Reduction

EMS Body Sculpting

Diamond Microdermabrasion

* All Treatments at Le Spa/Beauty Lab @ Le Spa are not intended to diagnose, address, or treat any Medical condition. All Treatment Clients must be in good health and free from any contraindications to treatment. 

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