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The facility at Le Spa allows clients to receive a rare treat; top-notch service from an industry expert at an affordable price. Imagine...your own personal oasis. The service is customized just for you. You hear soothing spa music and are cocooned in warmth as your therapist expertly massages your face and shoulders with aromatic elixirs. Ahhhh....

Imagine...being able to effectively treat your areas of concern in a non-invasive and affordable way. To be able to minimize Cellulite without Liposuction. To lose inches off your Tummy. To be able to have a non-surgical Facelift that lasts six months. To be able to sculpt and shape your body just how you want to.

This is Le Spa.

Here at Le Spa we practice Intelligent, Affordable Skin Care, Body Care, and Waxing Services. This is not only our marketing philosophy, but our service to our clients as well. By keeping prices reasonable, we allow our clients to actually AFFORD to come to the spa! And by utilizing our extensive industry experience and insight, we offer clients the most effective, luxurious treatments around.

Only the highest quality products are used on our clients. Waxing services are performed with our Australian Organic wax collection by MANCINE Australia. For our facial services we offer the YON-KA PARIS collection.  We also offer our exclusive Beauty Lab collection of retail products that were custom developed by our Founder.

Superior quality products + Exert "Know-How"

= Fantastic Results!

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