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The Hottest Trend in the Beauty Industry

Now at Le Spa!

Xtreme Semi-Permanent 

Eyelash Extensions

Lauren has been certified by Xtreme for both 

Classic and Omni Volume Lash 


Thin, Sparse Eyelashes? Broken Eyelashes? Eyelashes That Just Won't Grow? Tired of Applying Layers of Mascara? Want to save time getting ready every morning?

Now You Can

Wake Up Every Morning With Gorgeous Lashes!

A Complete Variety of Lash Looks Available. Customized Pre-Application Consultations Determine the Look That's Right for You!

Single (Classic) Lashes

Actual Before and Afters:

 Single (Classic) Lash Application

This Look is suitable for those who want a classic, elegant look. Look like you were born with amazing lashes! No one will know you have had lash extensions done; they will just marvel at how beautiful your lashes are! Can be customized for every natural lash length, thickness, and curvature.

Initial Full Set: $200

(application time 2 hours)

Touch ups: $75

(one hour service, every 2-3 weeks)

Glamorous Mink Application

Glamorous Mink Application

This application give a voluminous, plush look. It is ideal for those with shorter, thinner lashes who want a fuller, darker look. Typically, two extensions are applied to each natural lash, giving an instant lash doubling effect. We only use top-quality, 100% cruelty-free Siberian Mink lashes. They are the lightest weight lashes available in the industry, which means there is much less weight imposed on the natural lashes.

Initial Mink Full Set Application: $250

(application time two hours 15 minutes)

Mink Touch Ups: $85

(one hour fifteen minute service, every 2-3 weeks)

NEW! Xtreme Omni Volume Lashes

Xtreme Omni Volume Lashes

Xtreme Omni Volume Lashes provide a super-glamorous look that is sure to impress! This lash application combines a variety of advanced application techniques to give you the lashes of your dreams! Our newest Faux Mink Omni Volume lashes from Xtreme are super lightweight and long wearing. Even though you will have a considerable amount of lashes on you still won't feel them! This application method embraces the true artistry of lash extension application!

NOTE: You must have relatively strong, healthy natural eyelashes to receive this application. Clients who have very short, thin, or sparse lashes will be requested to receive either the Mink or Classic lash applications.

Initial Omni Volume Full Set Application

$275 (Application Time Two Hour Thirty Minutes)

This service is highly advanced and takes more time. An excellent opportunity to take a "Lash Nap"

Omni Volume Touch Ups:

$90 Every 2-3 Weeks

(Touch up time one hour and 30 minutes. Touch ups every two weeks are strongly suggested. Touch ups are not to exceed three week spans)

If you are thinking of receiving volume lashes, please book an appointment for such, to allow sufficient time

What Are Xtreme Lash Extensions?

Xtreme Lash Extensions are the hottest service in the Beauty Industry right now. They are a revolutionary method of giving you thicker, fuller, longer, darker, and curlier eyelashes- no mascara required!

How Do They Work?

Your expertly trained lash stylist applies the extensions to your individual natural eyelashes using a medical-grade, semi-permanent glue

What Does Xtreme Mean and Why Is It Different from Other Brands?

Many Reasons! Xtreme is a company founded by RN Joe Mousselli. They have a unique, revolutionary lash design and application method. Only Lash Technicians thoroughly trained and tested at Xtreme Company Trainings may apply Xtreme Lash Extensions. The lashes are the highest quality lashes in the industry. They are lightweight and natural-feeling, yet they give an extraordinary look to the eyes! From start to finish, the Xtreme Lash Application method focuses on protecting the health of the natural lashes and helping the applied lash extensions stay on as long as possible. The entire process involves numerous steps to cleanse and prepare the lashes; from optimizing the Ph of the natural lashes to applying the perfectly metrically calibrated extensions that best suit you own natural lashes. Their unique "Lash Mapping" technique ensures that the end look is perfectly balanced and even. Only sterilized instruments and one-time-use disposable materials are used for every client. An in-depth client consultation with every new client ensures that the desired look is achieved. Simply extraordinary!

How Long Do They Last?

Xtreme Lashes are made to have the maximum "Lash Retention", or length of time that the lashes stay on. Several factors can affect lash wear, such as how the lash extensions are cared for and the client's natural rate of eyelash shedding. Eyelashes naturally shed, just like our hair. When an eyelash sheds, it will take the attached lash extension with it. That being said, the Xtreme Lash design and application method focus on protecting the natural eyelash and avoiding breakage or damage to the lashes. Typically, a lash touch up is required every 2-3 weeks. It is very common for a client to go for three weeks or more between touch ups!

How Do They Feel?

This is a HUGE difference between the Xtreme Lashes and other brands. Xtreme Lashes are specially designed to be extremely lightweight and comfortable. Furthermore, their revolutionary "Faux Mink" fiber resists absorbing water, oil, or impurities. Most other brands of lashes can feel very heavy when they get wet and can be difficult to dry. This is because they are more porous in nature than the Xtreme lashes.

The Xtreme glue utilized during the application process is a fume-free, medical-grade glue. It is so gentle that it is safe for use during pregnancy. It does not give the "glue burn" and eye irritation that other brands of glue do. Anyone who has non-Xtreme lashes can tell you; with their lashes every so often their eyes will just start burning and watering out of nowhere. Not with Xtreme! Typically, in the lash extension industry, the more long-lasting glues give the most fumes and eye irritation. Not with Xtreme. In addition, the Xtreme FlexFusion glue we use has a rich black pigment to it. This means that you do not get the visible clumps of clear glue that you get with other brands.

Who Can Get Xtreme Lashes?

In order to provide an effective lash extension application, the client must have a relatively sufficient amount of natural eyelashes. If a client does not but wishes to get lash extensions, they will be offered a Peptide-Rich Xtreme Lash Growth Serum to help their lashes grow and strengthen. This serum can also be used to grow and lengthen the natural lashes. All clients receiving Xtreme lash extensions must be able to comfortably lay down with your eyes closed for at least two hours. Contacts lens wearers can get lash extensions, however the contact must be removed prior to the application and not be re-inserted for at least three hours after application conclusion. We suggest you wear your glasses to your appointment. Anyone with significant health issues of the eye/eyelid/eye area cannot get lash extensions. Clients with active eye infections, eye irritations, styes, or eyelid skin irritations may not receive lash extensions. You may receive them after all conditions have cleared and application is approved by your doctor.

Is The Application Painful?

Not at all! Most clients find the application extremely relaxing and fall right asleep. You are on a luxury facial bed, warm and cozy the entire time. When the application is concluded, you awaken to gorgeous new lashes!

Are They Difficult to Maintain?

Xtreme Lashes are designed to be as low-maintenance as possible. General care and caution with the lashes is advised, to maximize the lash wear and retention. Your technician will fully guide you in how to protect your new lashes. Any oily products (such as eye makeup remover,) and waterproof mascara are not to be used with Xtreme lashes. Other than that, most your your daily regimen stays the same. You will find that your lash extensions save you A LOT of time getting ready! Most clients actually wear much less makeup than before- that is how fabulous their lashes look!

Can I Wear Eye Makeup With Xtreme Lashes?

You certainly can- but you might not need to! If you still wish to wear eye makeup, Xtreme has a full collection of lash extension-compatible cosmetics. From concealers to creamy long-wearing eyeliners, to lash-compatible mascara; Xtreme helps you achieve your own personal look. Want to use your own cosmetics? You certainly can, with certain precautions. Your lash stylist is fully educated to answer all of your post-application questions. Use of the Xtreme Eye Makeup Remover is suggested to remove any eye makeup worn, without damage to the lash extensions.

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