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The Pinnacle of Non-Invasive Spa Technology

Announcing HIFU Non-Invasive

Face Lifting

Looking for a way to look younger without Needles, Lasers, Surgery, or Strings?

Want Results that last Six Months?

HIFU is Here.

What is HIFU?

HIFU stands for High Intensity Focused Ultrasound. It is the latest Technology from Korea that offers a safe, non-invasive option to Surgical Facelifts and other Invasive Procedures.

What Does It Do?

By using different cartridges that can reach different depths of the Skin and Sub-Dermal Tissues, HIFU uses safe Ultrasound waves to generate heat in each layer and thus tighten it. Our proprietary 7-D Julati HIFU Machine even has the capability to reach the SMAS Fascia layer, which Plastic Surgeons often focus on during Surgical Facelifts.

What Are The Results?

Picture Taken Immediately Post-Hifu

As you can see, the effects of HIFU are profound. The Results shown are only shortly after completion of the HIFU treatment. HIFU is incredibly unique, as it continues to work for Three Months post-treatment. The skin will literally continue to transform itself. With our special 7D Julati technology from Korea, we are able to target and treat every layer from the SMAS Fascia up to the Epidermis.  Cellular Activity will be rapidly increased and the heat generated will cause each layer to contract more and more every single day. The Tone of the Skin will become more even and Luminous. The pores will be tightened. The area treated will gradually look YEARS younger.

How Long Do The Results Last?

The full Results of the HIFU treatment can be seen at the Three Month point. Overall, the Results will gradually lessen at the Six Month time frame. Given as such, Clients may only need to get a HIFU treatment once every Six Months. Clients wishing for a more dramatic, sustained Lifting may get a HIFU treatment as often as once every Three Months, but no earlier than that. Other than basic Facials/Exfoliation Treatments, no other in-Spa methods are needed to sustain the Skin's new youthful appearance.

Before and After- One Week Post-HIFU

Is It Painful? Any Downtime? Any Side Effects?

Other than a "prickling" sensation, the feeling of a HIFU session is quite tolerable. No numbing/anesthetic products whatsoever are necessary. There is absolutely NO DOWNTIME needed. It can literally be a "Lunchtime Facelift". Some Clients may have a bit of a flush in the area treated, due to the generation of heat and micro circulation, but this shall dissipate within a half hour. There are no incisions, bruising, or stitches. The Epidermis remains fully healthy and intact

Who Can/Cannot Get HIFU Treatments?

HIFU is best for Clients with Moderate to Significant Skin Laxity issues. Clients who already have relatively firm Skin will notice a bit of tightening and a refined Epidermis, but the amazing results of the HIFU treatment show on Men/Women over 40 who have noticeable Skin laxity (lack of firmness). Clients with severe Skin laxity (significantly drooping/saggy Skin,) will notice some results, but they will not be comparable on them to a $20,000 surgical Face Lift.

Some Contraindications for HIFU treatments are the following:

  • Clients with metal implants in their Face/Body

  • Clients with implanted electronic devices, such as Pacemakers or Implanted Glucose Monitors

  • Clients with poor circulation or Lymphedema

  • Clients with Diabetes

  • Pregnant/Lactating Women

  • Women during their pre-menstrual time (the skin is much more sensitive at this time)

  • Those with Epilepsy

  • Significant active Acne breakouts (pustules, etc)

  • Skin with any Cuts or Open Wounds

What Areas Can Be Treated and What Are The Treatment Costs?

HIFU is Available in the Following Areas:

  • Classic SMAS Facelift- Three-Tier Lifting to the Lower 2/3 of the Face  45 Minutes  $375

  • Neck Lift- Three-Tier Lifting of the Entire Neck 45 Minutes $375

  • Double Chin Tightening- Four-Tier Slimming and Tightening of the Double Chin 30 Minutes $300

  • Eye/Forehead Lift- Lifting and Smoothing of the Entire Eye Area and Forehead, using our exclusive ultra-thin Cartridge. Addresses "Eye Bags" and Crepiness around the Eye Area  45 Minutes $350

  • Mouth Lift- Focus on the Upper Lips, Nasal-Labial Folds, and Marionette Lines using our Exclusive Super-Slim 2mm Cartridge  45 Minutes $350

  • Chest Rejuvenation- Complete Three-Tier Rejuvenation of the Chest Region (not including the Breasts) 45 Minutes  $400

  • "No Luma"- Lifting and Smoothing of the Cheekbone Region  30 Minutes $350

This Extraordinary Technology cannot be found ANYWHERE else! Book Your Session Today!

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